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I mean I really really LOVE LUSH When I got home on Friday after work I was eating my dinner when a knock went at the door thinking it was our neighbour or something I was sent to answer the door however it turned out to be a delivery guy at 8pm at night delievering my Lush order *squee*
when I mangaged to get the really nice wrapping paper off I opening the box and this wonderful smell of really nice things came out.
Best of all even my Dad liked the smell coming from the box as it didn't smell of chemicals me and my Mum spent a good 30 minutes opening things and smelling them which means more things to buy . . . as they smell so nice.
I went to see my friend up the road from me and I was saying about all these nice smelling non-tested on animals products I'd brought and she asked how I found out about it and saying I signed up after I'd been to the Lush store in Covent Garden a few years ago. So last night I'd taken up the magazine I got in my box of nice smelling things so she could have a look and smell it too. I also took up with me Wiccy Magic Massage bar (which smells fantastic btw) as well as a solid shampoo and Mud Flats soap for her to smell and feel.
I have to say I'm very impressed with everything I have used so far I love the Chocolate Whip Stick lip balm I brought it feels great, smells nice and tastes nice too. I love Buffy the body scrub bar which I'm ordering again as it left my skin smooth and feeling great. I love their solid shampoo today I used their The Blonde shampoo and my hair looks fantastic (Okay I did put a ton of conditioner into my hair however) the blonde in my hair looks amazing (I also need to go back to the hairdresser to get more highlights in my hair as well as touch up on the ones I have).
I'm ordering again possibly next wednesday but most likely on the Thursday and my friend is going to order some items from it and next year I may of converted another of my friends to it as she's getting some things for the bath this christmas as well as for the kiddies :)

In other news I have upgraded my account to paying every 12 Months instead of every month which is great because I am now saying money with it as it's going to cost me $29.99 for the year instead of $4.00 a month. I've ended up saving $18.01 which may not seem a lot but it's well worth it.

Also in other news both of our rabbits died Elvis was attacked in his cage on Thursday last week and Jessica Rabbit died of natural causes sometime in the night :( I'm so sad Jessica Rabbit was my favourite bunny I want to get another one like her but I'd rather take in a rabbit like I did Jessica than go out and buy a rabbit bred for the sole purpose of being sold.

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