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Here is my dinner tonight. Portobello mushrooms covered with sage & onion slices and red leicester & mozzarella 'cheeze' (all of those are Redwoods products). Bean & Nachos burgers with steamed Broccoli

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What is one food you thought you’d miss when you went vegan, but don’t?
To be honest I don't think there was a food I thought I'd miss going vegan but then again by the time I was taking that step I'd already found chocolate, cheese and recipes for making cookies, cupcakes and muffins.

What is a food or dish you wouldn’t touch as a child, but enjoy now?
Mac 'n cheese oddly enough my parents couldn't get me to eat it as it made me feel sick but now it's one of my favourite dishes.

What vegan dish or food you feel like you “should” like, but don’t?
I can't stand baked beans, beetroot and peas or any for of green bean.

What beverage do you consume the most of on any given day?
I like squash and drink alot of herbal tea mainly licorice and love having a cup of hot soy chocolate before going to bed.

What dish are you “famous” for making or bringing to gatherings?
my cookies!! I make wonderful choc chip peanut butter cookies along with chocolate cupcakes and double choc chip muffins.

Do you have any self-imposed food rules (like no food touching on the plate or no nuts in sweets)?
To be honest no I don't have any food rules other than not having hot foods next to lettus but other than that I don't.

What’s one food or dish you tend to eat too much of when you have it in your home?
If I have alot of tofu I'll make scrambled tofu every day that and nuts I had a HUGE craving a month ago for spicy nuts

What ingredient or food do you prefer to make yourself despite it being widely available prepackaged?
To be honest I don't have the time to make alot of products from scratch as I work 7 days a week so I tend to use prepacked foods but do make my own dishes.

What ingredient or food is worth spending the extra money to get “the good stuff”?
Vegan mayo I buy an organic one I hated mayo before but love this one. I found a great soya milk it is cheap but I did try others before I settled for the one I use now. Also cooking oil I just found a great new one that is so healthy it retains it's goodness even when used for cooking.

Are you much of a snacker? What are your favorite snacks?
I am at times I love snacking on seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, soya beans ect I also admit I sometimes get a huge craving for mint chocolate and PB cookies.

What are your favorite vegan pizza toppings?
I love having peppers, mushrooms and sweetcorn on my pizza

What is your favorite vegetable? Fruit?
I love Broccoli and my favourite fruits are strawberries, raspberries, mango, star of david, kiwi and pomegrante

What is the best salad dressing?
I love putting either hummous or vegan mayo on sometimes both

What is your favorite thing to put on toasted bread?
I love chocolate spread on toast and I love putting on strawberry jam with peanut butter

What kind of soup do you most often turn to on a chilly day or when you aren’t feeling your best?
I love vegetable soup with barley

What is your favorite cupcake flavor? Frosting flavor?

What is your favorite kind of cookie?
Peanut Butter with chocolate chips

What is your most-loved “weeknight meal”?
Uhgm at the moment I'm a little in love with stuffed peppers at the moment but also 'chicken' and veggie rice as it cooks in 2 minutes lol talk about convience food!

What is one dish or food you enjoy, but can’t get anyone else in your household to eat?
I haven't had it happen yet any dish I've gotten anyone to try they have liked so I guess I'm lucky in that regard.

How long, in total, do you spend in the kitchen on an average day?
I think it depends cooking I might spend as little as 20 minutes some days and on others I could spend and hour there cooking. But I do spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen either doing the washing up or coming up with recipes or just chilling out I think on average I'm in the kitchen about 2 hours a day

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