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I decided to make this dinner from scratch it only took 30 minutes from start to photo and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.
Here's how I made it I peeled a carrot then sliced it lenght ways 4 times then thinly sliced it all the way down each lenght. I then peeled a corgette (zuchini) and did the same method as the carrot. I then chopped the head off of a aubegene (eggplant) and cut it lenght ways 3 times and used one piece and cut it the same as the carrot and corgette (zucini). I then took 5 pieces of seitan out of the container I have it in placing it onto of some kitchen towel and patted it dry I then covered one side with sweet freedom syrup and the other side I dashed some vegan wostershire sauce on and set it in a dish to rest. I then took a few pieces of brocille off and cut it smallish. I then sliced 2 leaves of spring cabbage about an inch wide and then chopped 5 large button mushrooms up into large chunks.
I placed a wok on the small burner and poured some red palm oil into it as well as a few dashes of vegan wostershire sauce and turned the heat on full after a minute I threw the mushrooms in gave it a stir then threw all the rest of the veggies in adding more oil onto them as well as the pan and cooked for about 10 minutes I then thickly cut the pieces of seitan up and added them to the pan stiring it a few times I then placed my plate onto of the pan for about 5 - 8 minutes stiring every 2 minutes after I uncovered the pan I continued to stir then plated the dish.

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