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Update and some new additions to my journal

Just a quick update of sorts, My godson Kaylen Thomas was born last saturday 24th March 2007 at 5:52am weighing 5lbs and 15oz. He is very poorly so any prayers or healing vibes or anything are very welcomed. I have one picture of him which I'll give you the link to Here

Also I recieved an email from Martina in Italy who is a fan of this journal as well as JAG and X-Files she has asked me to put her JAG videos on here so if you'd like to see these amazing videos

Also in other news I have now finished my 100 Catherine Bell icons for 100icons I hope to get these up here tomorrow as I am out tonight with work collegues for some drinks and socializing.

Also I must appoligize for not having updated with any new icons in awhile I have been very busy with work as well as spening the last two weeks making the 100 Catherine Bell icons. I now should have the time to update about once a week with icons.

In other news I have also brought two limited edition JAG prints that as soon as I have them framed I will post pictures of them along with all my other JAG photos. And I have also brought a USMC t-shirt that is red and very cool I'll post pics of this when it arrives.

I also have a new video that I finished two weeks ago but haven't had the time to upload I hope once I get my new flash drives to move all my computer files off the computer it will speed my connection up and allow me to upload the video onto youtube I will also be sending the video to Hope @ http://www.tshlw.com/ this weekend and it should be up by next weekend hopefully.

Okay that is all for the moment. . . that I can think of anyway lol.

EDIT: Catherine Bell has recently updated her offical site with two new pictures, a video and some news.

If you want to see the pictures click

Image hosted by servimg.com

Image hosted by servimg.com

She looks like she's been having fun on set of Army Wives


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