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Support Our Troops

I want to share a special request with you.

You may or may not know, but May is Military
Appreciation Month. Whether you agree or disagree
with the war, it's still important to support
the troops fighting for us in Iraq.

My brother has been fighting in Iraq for over a
year now, and will probably be there for another
year. In honor of Military Appreciation Month, I
wanted to do something special. So I came up
with a little letter-writing project called
"Our Troops Are Stars."

Here's how it works:

The next time you're writing a letter to a
celebrity, please take a few minutes to also
write a thank you note to someone serving
us in the military.

If you don't know anyone to write, I've included
the names of everyone in my brother's troop
below. Simply choose a name (or names) from the
list -- it's that easy.

You can see photos here:


If you work at a talent agency, PR firm, or are
an actor or actress yourself, sending an
autographed photo of you or one of your clients
is also a great way to show your support.

To send your thank you note, simply choose a
random name or names from the list below:

1LT Kent
2LT McAuley (my brother)
SGT Dane
SGT Hudson
SGT Kattner
SGT Lockett
SGT Miller
SPC Camacho
SPC Compton
SPC Gamez
SPC Journey
SPC Mergillan
SPC Ngalo
SPC Sumner
SSG Cook
SSG Dhone
SSG Laona
SSG Negron
SSG Primas
SSG Sturdivant

I've also put up a photo gallery so you can
see all of the troop member's photos here:


Send your thank you note here:

[Troop Member's Name]
B 2-82 FA, 3BCT, 1CD
FOB Paliwoda
APO AE 09391

*NOTE: You can use a regular first-class stamp.
You don't have to use international postage since
your letter is going to a military APO address.


Jordan McAuley, Founder
Contact Any Celebrity
8721 santa Monica Blvd. #431
West Hollywood, CA 90069-4507

P.S. - Please forward this email to your friends
and co-workers, so they can join in on the
"Our Troops Are Stars" letter writing project also!

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