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Old X-Files Stories I've written

Title: The finale Goodbye
Author: Sammy Brace
Email: sammy_brace@yahoo.co.uk
Category: MSR what else includes both MulderTorture and ScullyTorture
Spoiler: None really only the birth of William and Mulder's departure
Summary: the title says it all oh yeah it's a missing scene from NOTHING
Disclaimer: I'm underwear co-ordinated OH not that kind of disclaimer well
i don't own Any of these beautiful characters.
Feedback: I live for feedback flames will be noted and i'll have my cat
NeoFics to pee on them.

I'd like to say a BIG thank you to my darling Dad who very kindly beta read
this for me last night at eleven o'clock at night i'm eternally grateful
because he doesn't even like the show.
To David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Thank you for the inspiration, Also
Congratulations to David and Tea on the birth of their son my heart goes
out to you.

Also i'd like to thank the following people for their constant support:
Natassja < thank you for the Pic and the support on my very early work >
Cathy and Ro < you to have given my lots of support and inspiration >
Jamie < Hun you started me off and i love you collages >
Tracy < thank you for the support and inspiration i couldn't of done it
otherwise >
Satina < for your constant smut supply >
Angharad Wade < for your support and understanding >
I'd also like to thank in general anyone who has posted stories Oh i almost
forgot Donnelley for her constant inspiration.

The Finale Goodbye
" Mulder, I don't want you to go..."
" Scully, You know i have to, for your sake, for mine, most importantly for
our son, Scully. I want to keep you safe. I can't face the possibility that
if i stay, you and William could be in danger. I can't risk it Scully!"
" I know it's just so hard. I don't want to lose you again...."
" Oh Scully! You'll never lose me. I'll be back when it's safe to, okay?"
" 'Kay, Just promise me you'll tell me when you get to wherever you're
going to?"
" I will, but incase something goes wrong tell the Kid I went down
" Muhlder!"
" Sorry bad joke, I'll be in contact soon. I don't know how long.... I love
you Scully"
" I love you too Mulder"
" I don't want to go..."
" But you must. I'll see you soon"
" Soon."
With that he picked up his bags and left.

That's it folks from me until i'm next inspired.

Title: Musing of a G-Woman
Author: Sammy Brace
E-Mail: sammy_brace@yahoo.co.uk
Category: UST and Angst o'rama
Keywords: Angst o'rama
Pairing: Scully/Other < past > Scully/Mulder < potential >
Date Posted: September 9, 2002
Rating: PG 13 (possible higher due to reference to sexual acts)
Archiving: Anywhere as long as you let me know where

Summary: Scully Musings of her life during a moment of depression

Author's notes: A BIG thank you to the girls from MSR_Fanfic_Cheerleaders
with whom i would not of thought to of posting this story and also a big
thanks to ~*~Ro~*~ with whom i have found a friend who i can talk to when
the chips are down thanks Hun. I would also like to dedicate this story to
my Best Friend Hannah who i know will not be able to read this as she
doesn't read FanFiction but i hope she does one day i would also like to
thank my Mum and Dad for being there. Music that has inspired me but was
not heard whilst i wrote this is EMINEM, The Calling, Moby and Dido and
also i think as well Savage Garden warning this is not a song Fic.

Disclaimer: My underwear is co-ordinated Oh not that kind of Disclaimer
well i don't own them so don't sue i could of used the original names
making it so that i owned them but i don't not anymore.

Note: this has note been Beta read if anyone wishes to knock your self's

Scully's musings:
It's simplistic the way things can turn out, you can have one good day from
start to finish, you can have a good day that ends up crappie and you can
have a bad day where as the day progresses it seems to be getting worse and
worse, or you can have a shitty bad day where everything goes wrong from
the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep in defeat.
Something is bothering me maybe it's all the lies I've woven over the years
because I've been too lazy to do my work and I make excuses the worst thing
is now I can't look people in the eye when I lie and my cheeks burn. Okay I
managed to lie to Ed Jerse telling him what he wanted to hear so (1) he'd
leave it be and (2) so I could have what I craved for ~Intermacy~ Something
I've longed for since the end of my relationship with Daniel more than ten
years ago, my first and last serious relationship. Sure I've seen four
other people but the last three I ditched after the first few dates. The
first guy i saw after Daniel was Jack Willis my instructor at the academy
our relationship lasted a year until I called it off because in the terms I
used 'it was wrong we shouldn't see each other anymore' I spend my time
with him being Fucked I gave him head ONCE and I will do NEVER AGAIN (well
unless it's Mulder no I will not think of Mulder like that) But what
startled me was that he Eat out of me (once because I was nervous and dry
as a bone ) and he seemed to like it But the one thing that I know I don't
like is a Quickie and the fact that I never climaxed with him (EVER).
It made me realize I can never have sex because I can't Climax either that
or I'll have to find someone who will attend to my needs (also I think
foreplay is needed, a porno may excite him but i need more than that I also
like it hard I don't know why but I do)
My God know wonders why I haven't had sex in so LONG I think I'm becoming a
Nun (God help me I want to have sex but I want to have good sex < maybe sex
with Mulder okay i've got to stop that right now >) the most terrible thing
has happened though I fancy this guy (okay you guessed it's Mulder and I
think I'm falling in love with him) I flirt with him, I tease him and he is
sssooo not interested in me he wants someone taller and blond/brunette and
brown eyes as i refer to them 'Mulder's type'. I hate my body, I hate who
I've become I wish he could see me as Dana Scully - A woman rather than
Dana Scully - Partner I hate it I've got another headache coming on I feel
myself dying slowly my body at least my mind has been going for years
that's what the headaches are, My mind slowly slowly going I'm at the point
of insanity and not much is there to stop me falling into Madness nothing
other than Fox Mulder.


Title: Lord of the Flies

Author: Sam Brace

Rating: PG13 mild reference to breastfeeding

Spoilers: Big one for Lord of the Flies. Minor ones for Season 8,
Mulder's abduction, the birth of baby William and the introduction of
Agents John Doggett and Monica

Category: AU missing scene MSR Doggett friendly and Will friendly

Keywords: Mulder & Scully family Doggett/Reyes friendly

Archive: Ooo! My fic and I are going on a trip? Just let us know where
so we can write postcards to our family.

Feedback: Loved and cherished as always. Send it on down to
s_j_brace@y... or sam_j_brace@x...=20=20

Summary: Rocky Bronzino find out why Dana Scully (Mulder) isn't
interested in him

Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, William, Maggie Scully, Skinner, Doggett,
Reyes, Rocky Bronzino and anyone else I have failed to mention don't
belong to me they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, Fox
network, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, the children who've played
`William', Sheila Larken, Mitch Pileggi, Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish
and the actors/actresses who I've not mentioned own the characters not
me so don't sue unless you want my strange CD collection, my video
collection, my Labrador dog Digger my snarky dog Chocolate oh and my
cat Ragmar who attacks your ankles if you don't feed him or if your
slow doing so (he also eats like a pig).

Author's notes at end

Okay on with the show

Part 1
`When you feel alone
And a loyal friend is hard to find
You're caught in a one way street
With the monsters in your head
When hopes and dreams are far away and
You feel like you can't face the day'
Savage Garden `Crash and Burn'

"Look, Rocky. I'm not interested, okay?"

"No, I think you're just playing hard to get, Dana."

"No, I'm not . . . look I told you I'm a mother. . . "
"It also makes you a woman."

Scully grunted in exasperation. "Yes, it does. My son William is ten
weeks old. He's back in D.C. with his father, MY HUSBAND, whom I
happen to love very much."

"Oh, come on, Dana. I've been picking up some signals from you."

"Yeah, I've been sending you a signal alright," Scully muttered darkly.

"Which would be?" Rocky asked hopefully.

"To back off!" Rocky recoiled slightly at the sting in Scully's voice.
She took a breath and continued a little more gently. "Also, you know
I said I have a partner?"

Rocky nodded in affirmation as Scully continued. She wasn't quite sure
why she felt the need to justify herself to him, but something within
compelled her to try and make him understand why she would never,
*could* never, be interested in anyone else but Mulder.
"I was partners with my husband for seven years before we became
involved. Seven long years where we experienced every kind of human
emotion there is. From heartbreak to joy, despair to hope, and back to
despair again. . ." she trailed off, remembering. "And yet we remained
friends. . .learned to trust and depend on one another like no one
else, and eventually found our own truth in each other." Scully
stopped to catch her breath. "But then. . . then he was abducted and I
found out I was pregnant. . . he missed most of my pregnancy and I
missed him more than I ever thought was possible. I was six and a
half months pregnant when he returned." Scully felt her heart
constrict at the memory of those brutal months of Mulder's absence.

And then her thoughts were interrupted by a hearty, "HEY RED!!"
End of Part 1
`Hope is a good thing -- maybe the best thing -- and no good thing
ever dies.' - Stephen King

Part 2
"I'm very brave generally," he went on in a low voice: "only today I
happen to have a headache." - Lewis Carroll

Scully turned around to the direction of the voice. It couldn't be
Mulder, could it? He was meant to be in D.C. looking after William.

"Uh . . . Dana? Who is he?" Rocky asked, but Dana ignored him as her
eyes alighted on her husband. She smiled at him, and her smile grew
when she saw who his companion was.

"Mulder, what are you doing here? I thought you were in D.C."

"We missed you, Scully," Mulder said with a tiny pout.

Scully's eyes softened. "I missed you two, too."

Rocky coughed to draw attention to the fact he was still in the lab.

"Oh, Mulder, this is Dr. Rocky Bronzino. Rocky, this is my husband,
Fox Mulder."

"Nice to meet you, Rocky."

"You too, Fox."

Mulder winced at the sound of his first name and took the opportunity
to hand their docile boy to his wife.

"Did you miss mommy, sweetie?" Scully cooed to William.

"Yes I did," Mulder replied, putting his arm around her waist.

"I wasn't talking to you, Mulder. See, Will. . . daddy's silly isn't
he? Yes he is."

"Hey, stop trying to turn Will over to your side of the camp. It's bad
enough that one of your brother's hates me . . ."

"Mulder, Bill doesn't hate you. Okay," she amended when she saw him
about to protest. "He did. . . but he now sees that none of the things
he blamed you for were actually your fault."

"He blames me for your abduction." Mulder said softly, forgetting for
a moment that they had an audience. "Missy's death. . . your cancer. .
. for all the times you were in hospital. . . for your inability to
conceive children . . ."

"Mulder stop it."
End of Part 2
"This is love, to fly towards a distant sky, to cause a hundred veils
to fall every minute, finally, to take a step without feet." - Rumi

Part 3
"Little things console us because little things afflict us." - Pascal
Mulder sighed. Neither of them noticed that Rocky was still in the lab
watching and listening.
"Look, Mulder, me being taken wasn't your fault. Bill knows that. .
.and he knows it wasn't your fault that Missy was murdered. You're not
even responsible for my cancer . . .you have to stop beating yourself
up over that. The only person responsible is C.G.B. Spender, and by
all accounts he's dead. Bill doesn't hate you. . . he respects you
now. All he was concerned about was my happiness, and he knows I've
never been happier than I am with you and our son."

"But what about all the times you've been in hospital . . ."

"All part of the job," Scully soothed. "Come on, I ended up in
hospital twice due to work whilst you were missing."

"I'm sorry," Mulder said, giving Scully the puppy-dog look. He bent
down to kiss her tenderly, and breaking away said, "Your mom phoned."

"Oh? What did she want?" Scully asked, her eyebrow shooting up in

Mulder looked at her innocently. "Oh, you know. . . asked how Will
is, how I'm coping being a full time Mr. Mom, when we're going to have
a proper wedding . . . "

"Mul-derr . . ."

"I know, I know. I told her we were happy with the small ceremony we
had with Father McHugh, her and Skinner before William was born, but. . ."

"She wants a ceremony with all of my family and our friends," Scully

"Yeah. Maybe we should. . . you know. . . do the full works? How many
people even know that we're married?"

"Not many. I still haven't told Monica and John."

"Told us what, Dana?" John Doggett asked from the doorway of the lab
with Monica Reyes by his side.
End of Part 3
"Two amazing secret agents. One diabolical madman. Conditions are
dark. The forecast is deadly. Tea, anyone?" - The Avengers

Part 4
"No one can tell what goes on between the person you were and the
person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that
lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just . .
. come out the other side. Or you don't.'' - Stephen King

Mulder and Scully spun around to face John and Monica, both wondering
where the hell they appeared from. Scully had thought that they were
getting ready to head back to D.C.

"Uh . . ." she said, unsure of how to answer their question.

Thankfully Monica changed the subject. "Can I hold William, Dana?"

"Sure," she replied, glad of the respite. She handed the baby over.
"Hey sweetie, you go to Aunty Monica."

"So what haven't you two told us?" John asked curiously.

"Uh . . . John, Monica. . . I know this is going to be a shock to you
both but. . ."

"Those two are married!"


Both Mulder and Scully turned on him, causing him to back away until
he fell onto one of the lab stools. It was quite clear to him that all
he would ever be was an observer in the mysterious and very attractive
Doctor Scully's life. He'd always had a way with women; hell, he'd
even been known to dally with the odd married woman now and again, but
something told him that any further attempt to seduce Dana would not
only end in rejection, but in physical violence as well. And not only
from the lovely lady =96 he had a feeling that her husband *and* their
friends would have no compunction about burying his good-looking
corpse in the middle of some secluded tract of forest. Luckily, a peal
of laughter turned their attention away from him and he took the
opportunity to breath a huge sigh of relief.

End of Part 4
"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved --
loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spit of ourselves," - Victor Hugo

Part 5
"People believe what they want. But there is also this: People want to
believe. And somewhere in between wanting to believe and believing
what we want, there is the story we call the truth." --_sister_, by A.
Manette Ansay
Monica stopped laughing and smiled softly at Mulder and Dana and said,
"We already guessed that, Dana. Congratulations =96 you two deserve some

"Thank you, Monica," Scully smiled, her shoulders relaxing slightly
from relief that at least her new friend wasn't upset with her.

The two friends hugged, ever mindful of the precious child between
them. Monica then turned and hugged Mulder briefly, and grinned as she
caught John looking at Mulder with a whimsical smile on his face.
Putting on his best southern/Brooklyn hybrid accent he said,
"Congratulations Muld-ha."

"Thanks John," Mulder replied, pleased to have the approval of his
marriage to Scully from the man whom he'd come to like and respect.
Mulder was even more pleased when John stuck his hand out for Mulder
to shake.=20

Mulder noticed that John's hadn't touched or approached Scully, and
wondered if the proximity of Monica had anything to do with that. A
small smile flitted across his face, and he said, "Look, John. . . Me
and Scully have sort of decided to have a proper ceremony and well . .
. I was wondering . . . if you'd be my best man . . . I know we didn't
exactly hit it off straight away, pardon the pun, but . . . well you
watched Scully's back whilst I was `away' and . . . well you've been a
true friend since I got back even though I've been an ass . . ."

"Mulder, small ears!!!" Scully hissed at him, pocking him in the ribs.

Mulder looked at her sheepishly, having forgotten all about the
presence of their son so he decided to make a joke of it. "Sorry,
Scully, but I thought you'd be used to me swearing in front of you."

"Mulder, I was referring to our son!" She scowled at him, looking for
all the world like she'd just sucked on a bitter lemon.=20

Mulder turned towards Monica and his son and his face lit up, "Oh! Hey
little guy, you know daddy didn't mean it. He just knows how to push
mommy's buttons!" He stroked Will's cheek with his index finger,
giving his hand something to do while he awaited John's answer.
End of Part 5
"The heart has its reasons, whereof reason knows nothing." - Pascal

Part 6
"Before the gates of excellence the high gods have placed sweat; long
is the road thereto and rough and steep at first; but when the heights
are reached, then there is ease, though grievously hard is the winning."

John fidgeted on his feet then coughed slightly before he spoke.
"Mulder . . . I don't know what to say . . . it's such an honour that
you've asked me, but wouldn't you rather ask one of the Gunmen?"

"I would have asked one of them, but by doing so I'd end up hurting
the other two's feelings. At least this way I'd feel better knowing
that you wouldn't mess up like one of those three. . . as much as I
love them, I wouldn't trust them to do this. Also, I feel that by
having you do this it would make up for how horrible I was to you when
I came back. Please, John?"

Mulder pulled on his kicked puppy-dog look which made John roll his
eyes and snort,
"Yeah, I'll do it, Mulder."

"Thank you."

Then Mulder proceeded to do something that surprised both himself and
everyone else . . . he pulled John into a hug then broke it of with a
manly slap on his back.

Scully looked meekly at Monica and appealed to her, "Monica, can I
ask you to do the same for me . . . would you please be my maid of
honour? You've given me so much support. . .from when we found Mulder,
to helping me deliver William."

"Of course, Dana I'd be honoured to," Monica beamed.

Scully hugged Monica briefly, then Mulder slid his arm around Scully's
waist and drew her close to him. She looked up at him and nodded in
assent at the silent communication that was flowing between them.

"John. Monica. Mulder and I have been talking and well . . . we were
wondering if you would be Godparents to William."

End of Part 6
`Hasidic teaching says there are three ways to mourn:
through tears, through silence,
and by turning sorrow into song.'
Speed of Light by Elizabeth Rosner

Part 7
"In this body, in this town of spirit, there is a little house shaped
like a lotus, and in that house there is a little space. There is as
much in that little space within the heart as there is in the whole
world outside." - The Upanishads

"Of course, Dana," Monica responded brightly.

John nodded and replied, "Sure."

Scully sighed happily and leaned into Mulder. She looked at Monica who
was holding William so carefully, and saw how Doggett was hovering
nearby in case he was needed and realized that she and Mulder had made
the right choice.

"Thank you both very much for everything," she smiled. "Mulder, I
guess we had better go and phone my mother . . ."

"And Skinner," Mulder interrupted.

Scully shot him a significant look and continued. "Okay. We're
going to go back to the motel and call my mother *and* AD Skinner,
then we'll be getting the first flight back to D.C. uh . . . would you
two like to come over this Saturday for Dinner?"

"Sure, that would be great. I'm guessing you'll be wanting this little
guy," Monica handed Will back to Scully, who began to make a snuffle
sound and then started crying.

"Hey sweetie, are you hungry?" Scully asked Will.

"He's about due for a feed," Mulder replied. "Do you want me to get
him his bottle?"

"No, I think I'll breast feed him. I'm getting a little sore from not
having been . . . you know . . . for a few days," Scully said, almost
embarrassed at discussing her choice to breast feed in front of Dr.
Bronzino. She'd almost forgotten he was there, as he hadn't spoken
since she and Mulder had yelled at him for telling Monica and John
about her marital status.

Mulder nodded in understanding and said, "Yeah, sure you ready to go?"

"Yes. John, Monica. . . we'll see you two on Saturday. Goodbye, Dr.

"Goodbye, Dr. Scully."

And with that, Rocky Bronzino walked out of the lab shaking his head
at how much of a lucky man Fox Mulder must be.

Mulder and Scully left John and Monica to go back to their own little
world that consisted of just the three people; Mulder, Scully and baby

The End
`We can learn a lot from crayons:
Some are Sharp,
Some are Pretty,
Some are Dull,
Some have Weird names,
And all are different colours . . . But they all exist very nicely in
the same box.'

Authors notes: This story came about after I watched the episode `Lord
of the Flies' I've had this written for a good six months but only
recently (i.e. three months ago) found the ending for this (which I
might add is nothing like the ending I've got here) I've fleshed the
story out to give it some meat. I did originally intend to have this
as a one parter but as you can see I've turned it into SEVEN parts
which is scary I've finally written it on the computer (thank God for
laptops!!). Enjoy.

Continuation if Authors notes:
I would also like to dedicate this to some friends of mine. First of
all I would like to say a big Hello to my nephew George Anthony
Chapman who was born on May 24 2003 although he can't read yet when
he's older I'll tell him about it. Also to his Mom Hannah who has been
my best friend for the past seven years I love you Sweetie thank you
just doesn't seem enough. And to Rob, little George's Dad. Thank you
love loving me and sharing your family with me. Also I'd like to say
Thank you to my Friend Nat (you know who you are) and to some of my
cyber buddies Jamie, Chica thank you for being there for me and
inspiring me to write this and be a better writer. Cathey Scully I
think you are the only other person who has dealt with the 'Rocky'
issue, Thank you for that I love you for it. To Ro I know you're out
there so when you do appear it's always special. To Lily thank you for
the confidence it always helps to know some one likes my work. And
most of all my Cyber 'Mom' Pam I hope everything is going better I
know I've been a bad daughter and not written to you in god knows how
long but your always in my thoughts and I hope to hear from you soon.
I love you. And I'd like to say Thanks to Tracy who decides to beta
read this. THANK YOU. You're the worlds best Beta and I love you for
it. Plus I'd like to mention my Cat Ragmar who is currently recovering
from a car accident four weeks ago he's cast is off (has been for a
week) and the wire in his mouth is coming out on the 11 of August
everyone send him well wishes  .Thanks for getting this far.
Sammy 1/8/03

Title: Rude awaking
Author: Sammy Brace
Description: Funny conversation between Mulder and Scully
Feedback: send all feedback to sammy_brace@yahoo.co.uk
Rating :PG 13 (only for mild sexual reference)
Disclaimer: I'm a bad girl and borrowing these characters without
permission so go ahead and sue me i'm skint anyway.

Mulder scooped William up settling him against his chest, Scully stood and
"Scully are you wanting more Kids?"
"Let's put it this way, when you stretch i get a peek..."
"Fox William Mulder..."
"Yes Honey?"
"Don't 'yes Honey' me, we are not going for a bonk in the middle of the
"It's never stopped us before,"
"Shut up Mulder!"
Scully hissed at him, she quickly looked around to make sure no-one was
eaves dropping on their conversation, however she noticed Byres had turned
a shade of red,
"Sorry Byres, Later Mulder,"
"Oh that sounds promising,"
"How about when hell freezes over."
"And that would be..?"
"When i'm horny,"
"Are you...."
"Not even..."
"I'm not speaking to you."
Mulder half turned away from Scully pouting his lower lip, Scully put her
hand on the side of her face and said dramatically,
"Oh no disaster,"
"Ha ha very funny,"
"I thoughts so,"
Scully said with a grin.

Let me know what you think.


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