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Title: Mattie's CD Mix 2 - Listen To Your Heart

Author: Sam Brace

Fandom: JAG

Rating: PG13

Keywords: Mac, Angst, Mac/Others (reference only), Harm/Mac (sorta kinda, you’ll see).

Spoilers: Big one for ‘Hail and Farewell, Part 2’, slight parts from ‘Four Percent Solution’ (the flashback to Mac going to Hawaii to see Webb's body only to be blocked by Mrs. Webb). As well as a phrase from “FPS”.

Summary: Mac receives a mystery call which sends her into a tail-spin over her and Harm's possible relationship, but as before Mattie's CD Mix comes into play.

Disclaimer: Not mine, don’t belong to me, not even the song - all borrowed without permission.

Archiving: Feel free to archive - just let me know where, so I can visit with my Harm and Mac clones.

Author’s notes: You will need to read Mattie's CD Mix - Listen To Your Heart for this story to make sense you can find that here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3147064/1/Matties_CD_Mix_Baby_Can_I_Hold_You_Tonight
This is the second instalment to this series. There are two more parts and then a third to follow as soon as it's been written.

Author’s notes 2: A Big thank you to all of my Beta readers first of all Peggi & Faith who both beta read the first instalment and secondly to my three new beta readers :- Peggy, Karen and Marianne

Dedication: To the girls on All Things Catherine Bell, Holly, Bev & Linda who begged me to finish typing this instalment.

'It was all so simple. There was no need to hesitate or question or feel afraid. She caught his eye and held his gaze. "I think it's worth a try, too".
And with nothing left to say he took her hand and they walked slowly back to the lights of the house and the party.'
Jane Elizabeth Varley - Wives and Lovers.

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