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Love, Life & Everything

I went to my best friends house yesterday for an evening away from my family
(My parents had a massive blow out on friday and I was the one caught in the middle of all of it . . . it was pretty scary I escaped that night to my friend up the house for a few hours.) It was nice just being away from them all for a night I don't often get time to myself and it was nice talking to my best mate we did discuss some heavy issues of child abuse and domestic viloence but we all talked about the tattoo I'm getting next month and the tattoo my friend is concidering getting for her children we also talked about my new ear peircing (photos to come soon maybe friday).

I love my godkids I don't get to see them often enough and I think now every tuesday I am going to go over and see my best friend and spend some time in the morning with them all I miss that feeling of going *oh darn I've had 4 hours sleep can I have 5 more minutes?*
Summer is such a cutie now too she's getting a lot bigger now she's still tiny but less than she was a month ago. Kaylen is so sweet but a little bit of a devil too at times Monday morning he'd climbed out of his cot bed and was half way down the stairs when his dad saw him it's funny now but scary at the time. Henry is such a cutie and loves spending time with me playing games and being with me. George is doing so well at school now and I wish I get to see more of him in the mornings but I was too tired and he's in school until late in the afternoon he's still having to have speech theraphy but his speech is becoming much clearer now thank goodness.

Okay offskis now as I am in work ;)

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