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snagged from nextuesday

MEME 001.

What is the last song you listened to?
Placebo - Running Up That Hill

Who are the last people you rode in a car other than a family member?
Hannah and my godson Henry

What is the closest book to you?
My fanfic book that I am writing my JAG fanfic in

What phone do you have?
Sagem my401C

What is the most expensive thing you own that plays music?

Favorite Disney movie?
I don't like Disney movies.

Do you have any piercings? Where?
I have 5 in each ear, my nose my nipple and somewhere I'm not telling you ;)

Any tattoos? Where?
Yes I have 12 one on each wrist 3 on my lower back one on my shoulder, one on my upper back, one on each of my upper thighs, one on my calf, one on my ankle and one on my breast. I have 2 butterflys, a moon, a wolf, a snake, a lizard, a welsh dragon, an anke, thai script, my sister's name with stars, a rose and a doodle by Gillian Anderson

Do use any instant messengers? If so, which ones?
Yes I used to use MSN but now it's mostly Yahoo as it's intergraded with my email :)

Who are most the texts from on your phone?
Vicky (my sister-in-law) and Maggie (my Aunt)

What color are your eyes?
Greyish bluey green . . . they like to change

Ever wear colored contacts?
No but I have thought about it

What color is your hair?
Uh it's a redish, browish blond . . .lol

Any highlights?

Would you ever change it?
Have done, and do. Frequently.

What is the wallpaper on your computer?
David Duchovny ♥.

Last thing you drank?
Oasis Summer Fruits

Closest living thing to you?
My Managers son

Favorite fast food joint?
Don't have one.

Last movie you saw at the theater?
The X Files - I Want To Believe

Anything planned for this Sunday?
It IS Sunday, and I am working

Look out the window whats the first thing you see?
Grey skies

Which parent do you get on with best?
Both, for different reasons.

Are you wearing socks right now?

What's your main ringtone on your phone?
I can't remember it's a tone that's on my phone

Do you have any special ringtones for people? If so, what are they?
Yes My Mum is Breaking Benjamin - Sooner or Later, my Dad is James Blunt - Carry You Home and my brother Matt is a song called 'Let The Drummer Kick' My Brother Dai is 'Ticket's to Crikets' by I can't remember who now

Do you get cold easily?

Do you use a toaster or toaster oven?
I use a toaster when I want toast.

Are you gonna kiss someone today?
I don't think so

Do you know anyone famous?
Not personally.

Are you a big Zac Efron fan?
Really, really no.

Do you shop at Wal-Mart?
I shop at our version of it, yes.

Do you watch the news?

Do you love or hate Dr. Phil?
not really I could give two hoots about him

Do you believe in aliens from outerspace?
Yes.I believe it's possible for there to be live outside of our own planet

Where are most of your clothes from?
I have no idea

Are you a MySpace addict?

Have you kissed anyone that name starts with a B?
Not that I can recall

Did anything funny happen in the last 48 hours?

MEME 002.

Are you keeping a big secret right now?

Do you like Canada?
I have nothing against Canada so yeah I guess I like Canada

Who do you live with?
Parents, brothers, Sister-in-law, pets.

Are your parents protective of you?
I think so? IDK. Mum is.

Is money important to you?
Not really only in the sence of being able to pay bills and buy things.

How much time per day do you have to relax and be alone?
Not much only when I seek it out by going to my room or out for a walk, usually at bedtime

Do you prefer to be around people, or by yourself?

What is your favorite color?
Red, black & Purple

Do you like funny people or serious people?

Who is your last text from?
Dave a guy chasing me

What do you have planned for tonight?
To watch Maimi Ink and try and finish uploading my icons

Do you have a favorite item of clothing?
Um, yes! My jeans.

If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
A new tattoo. Actually 2 new tattoos

Who makes you happiest right now?
Right this very second? Not to have this stupid headache

What were you doing at midnight last night?
Watching last weeks Bones the He in the She

Do you want to get married & have children?
Yes. Well, I want to have kids, but whether or not the marriage will happen IDK.

Whats the first thing you did after you left your house today?
Got in the car and went to work :(

How much money did you spend yesterday?
£15 on phone credit and a few pounds on a drink & an air freshner

If you could change your eye color would you?
No my eyes do it naturally so ... I don't see the point of changing colour

What are you doing this weekend?

Who did you last get into an argument with?
I can't remember mostly likely my brother Matt

Is it easy to annoy you?
Depends who you are and what you're doing. If you're being stupid, yes.

Night light or on pitch-black?
Night light

Have you ever wanted to bottle up a moment and save it forever?

Ever truly wanted to kill someone?
Yes. On many occasions

Is there one person who can make you feel better no matter what?
IDK... maybe. Yes.

What is on your bed right now?
Blankets, pillows & Fanfics.

Who is the 3rd person on your received calls list?

Who is the last person you missed a call from?

Have you changed this year?
Yes. I Think I have

Feel free to do this as well it would be fun to see what your answers would be.

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