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Okay I know I haven't posted anything in ages I promise I haven't died or stopped making icons I have two batches to upload onto photobucket I just haven't had the time yet to do it but I will do it on thursday as I have the internet all for my own plus also my own laptop to do it from I brought a netbook laptop today I love it even tho it's tiny it's beautiful one thing I need to get for it is is 1. a portable hard-drive plus a portable disk-drive as it doesn't have one but I can download stuff plus it has in-built webcam and bluetooth*YAY*

Also I've been ill all of christmas which means christmas sucked the only bright side was getting my X-Files book and GA season 3 *YAY* downside spending christmas morning in the hospital :( it turns out that aside from a fever all of christmas day I ended up with a sore throat and a chest infection that I'm now on antibiotics for as it wasn't clearing up on it's own.

I have also gotten addicted to prawns which I am about to go and eat as I've been waiting for them to defrost.


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Dec. 31st, 2008 12:16 am (UTC)
SO sorry you've been sick, Sammy. I hope you get better soon.
You got the Complete XFiles book? awesome! I want it too, but as it's not available here, I need to get it from Amazon and it's so expensive. I'll wait for it to be a little cheaper =D
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