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I have found some amazing music recently and I want to share with you all but one of them and that is The Soldiers - Coming Home album the reason why I'm not uploading that album is because I want you to go out and buy the album as the procideds are giving to military support groups such as Help The Heros.
However if you want to hear one of their amazing songs you can download & listen here The Soldiers - I'll Stand By You

Skillet - Awake This is Skillet's new album released this year and I am so in love with it My favourite song has to be 'Don't Wake Me' so amazing the whole album is worth a listen.

Corrinne May - The Gift (Xmas Music) A beautiful album with classic christmas songs but sung in a way to make you not think of them that way. Corrinne has a beautiful voice that just captavates you into listening to her sing. Highly recommend listening to this album in the gear up to the Holiday season.

Susan Boyle - I Dreamed A Dream Not my favourite album or singer yes Susan has a wonderful voice and I like her rendission of The Rolling Stones Wild Horses but that's about the only song I like from the album, however I wanted to share this with you all as I know lots of people love Susan Boyle.

Ronan Keating - Winter Songs This album is LOVE I've listened to it at least 3 times in a row it's beautiful and oddly enough even though it is aimed to be a christmassy album I can see many of the early songs at least the first 5 to be ones that can be listened to all year long heck I can envision using them in fanmixes for Demily, B&B as well as Moose & Squirrel . . . sorry Mulder and Scully.

JAG Soundtrack This is a must have album for JAG fans it is the original score music for the show including the heart wrenching 'All The Pretty Little Horses'.

If you really like any of the albums I've uploaded please please please show your support of the artist and buy the albums if you can.

In Other news I want to do the Christmas Card Exchange for anyone wishing to send me a card my address is under the cut if you wish to have one sent from me to you, you can leave your address as a comment all comments are going to be screened so no-one but me will be able to see them.

Sammy Brace
Tally Ho!
LL66 0AB

If you live outside of the UK I need your comments by the 10th of December to get the card to you before the holidays.

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