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2011 Sleep-In Walk Please sponsor me

I'm taking part in Farm Sanctuary's Virtual walk this year Sleep-In For Farm Animals and I would like my friends to sponsor me I have a goal of $120 I am at 8% as I have already donated $10 to my page. It is also my birthday on September 3rd just before the walk is due to kick off I would like people to donate however many $ as they like, or can to my page for my birthday I don't want birthday posts of cards this year just support for my favourite cause in the world, Helping Farm Animals.
2011 Sleep-In Walk - cleaninggirl

Farm Sanctuary: Rescue, Education and Advocacy for Farm Animals from Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Emily Deschanel Leads the 2011 Walk for Farm Animals! from Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

"When you walk, you give hope to billions of animals who are suffering right now on factory farms." –Emily Deschanel

On her hit TV show, Bones, Emily Deschanel solves crimes that others cannot. In real life, she is the spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s 2011 Walk for Farm Animals, a campaign with a simple message about how all of us can help improve the lives of farm animals with every step we take.


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Aug. 18th, 2011 05:30 am (UTC)
Wish I could, but I'm having trouble keeping up with non-food expenses as it is. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. I see some really awful stuff on Animal Cops (Animal Planet's show about local ASPCA officers throughout the USA), even one horrible case of neglect that was in my own county where one animal had already died and others were nigh death, one having to be euthanized because it was so far gone, before the situation was discovered. *shudders*

I don't know why I torture myself watching that show...but I do when I channel surf and see that it's on. Maybe it's to see the arrests/successes/victories, which fortunately outweigh the evasions of arrest/deaths/hopeless cases that lead to euthanization. But, that show is one of the few shows on television that has succeeded in moving me to tears at times. That is a very, very difficult thing to do outside of me finding myself in a personal on-the-spot situation that makes me angry or frustrated. In the case of animal cops, it's either because of grief/disbelief, or relief when I cry.
Aug. 23rd, 2011 12:09 am (UTC)
That's okay honey, I know not everyone can afford to give money but comments like this make my day anyway knowing that someone has been so moved that they wish they could donate to help make a difference.

Oh man I watch Animal Cops Houston too and it makes me so sad seeing all the terrible things that people are capable of doing to their 'pets' just makes you feel so sad and wish that the animal gets their happy ever after and in some cases they do and sometimes they don't, but at least they aren't suffering anymore.

I have found that since I stopped eating meat, eggs & dairy I have felt better not only physically but emotionally too knowing that I am not a part of a system that abuses animals just to be a part of my plate. I have also adopted all 3 of my dogs as well as rescued my cat at least I know all my boys are having a better life with me. My 2 newest dogs Sam and Max were both very under weight Sam had been in 2 homes before and had been neglected in the first and suffered malnutrition in the second as they had other dogs there so he lost his dinner to them he was a bag of bones when we got him but now he's filled out and very happy. Max was living on the streets before he was rescued and very under weight more so than Sam you could see all this ribs, his spine and hips it took a full year with twice a day meals to get some meat on his bones he's still slender but that's because he's so energetic, but suffers from anxiety when he's left on his own.

Thank you for leaving me this message sweetie *hugs*
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