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3 September 1984
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I have to put this first I am a Demily shipper I ship David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel if you can't respect that then please do not leave any Anti-Demily comments on my journal as they will be removed and I will ban you I hate doing that but if push come to the shove I will do it.
I Also ship Booth& Brennan (Bones), Angela&Hodgins (Bones), Mulder&Scully (X-Files), Harm&Mac (JAG), Harriet&Bud (JAG), Derek&Meredith (Grey's Anatomy), Morgan&Garcia (Criminal Minds) & Sue&Jack (Sue Thomas F.B.Eye)
I love JAG, X-Files, Bones, NCIS, Medium, Close to Home, Criminal Minds, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, Stargate SG1, E-Ring, 7th Heaven , NCIS , CSI Crime Sceane Investigation , Blind Justice , Tremors , Medium , Buffy The Vampire Slayer , Angel & Charmed and Lifetime's new show Amry Wives as well as other programs I hang out at The House of C with all my friends. I love making icons, collages and writing stories as well as reading fanfiction, Stephen King books and other fiction books. I enjoy making new friends young and old who enjoy the same fandoms I do.


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